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About Quality

ISO 9001:2000 certificate 2ISO 9001:2000 certificate 1

Venster Services is committed to providing a total quality service to our customers for:

  • both internal and external works
  • all products
  • all the time
This requires:
  • total management commitment
  • total involvement of all employees
  • objectives, standards and systems which conform to our commitment to total quality
Total quality is achieved by:
  • conforming to requirements
  • prevention not detection
  • getting it right first time
  • measuring quality performance (including costs)
  • ongoing review and improvement of all aspects of our Management System

Our Management System is defined within the framework of ISO 9001:2000. Total quality is a permanent feature of Venster's services. It is implemented, monitored, nurtured and maintained by having an ongoing quality improvement program.